Sophia Momodu Accuses Davido of Persistent Sexual Advances Amid Legal Battle for Custody

Sophia Momodu Accuses Davido of Persistent Sexual Advances Amid Legal Battle for Custody Jun, 23 2024

Sophia Momodu Accuses Davido of Persistent Sexual Advances Amid Legal Battle for Custody

Sophia Momodu, the mother of Imade Adeleke, has made serious accusations against Nigerian music sensation Davido. She claims that, despite his public relationship with Chioma, he has been incessantly pressuring her for sexual favors. These issues have surfaced as Davido sought joint custody of their daughter, bringing both their personal and legal conflicts into the limelight.

Sophia and Davido's tumultuous relationship dates back to 2014, marked by intermittent periods of togetherness and separation. They were together from 2014 to 2017 and then reconnected from 2020 until their final split in July 2022. During these times, Davido was responsible for the financial support of their daughter, Imade. This support included covering significant expenses such as school fees, rent, and other living costs.

However, the relationship took a bitter turn post-breakup, with Sophia alleging harassment from Davido. According to her, Davido has not only pressured her for sex but has also made threats to make her life difficult if she refuses to comply. These harassment claims have been put forward by her legal representatives, presenting a disturbing picture of the ongoing ordeal.

While Sophia maintains that she has not prevented Davido from having access to Imade, she notes that he has been absent during important occasions like birthdays and Christmas. This absence has reportedly caused emotional distress for Imade, who misses her father's presence during these special times. Sophia further claims that Davido has failed to fulfill his financial responsibilities since their breakup in 2022.

One of the critical concerns raised by Sophia is Davido's failure to pay their daughter's school fees since July 2022. This lapse in financial support led to an intervention by Davido's father, Adedeji Adeleke, who stepped in to settle the outstanding school fees. Despite this assistance, Sophia has been left to manage other financial burdens on her own, covering rent, living costs, healthcare, and other essential expenses for Imade.

In an effort to create a stable and peaceful environment for their daughter, Sophia attempted to formalize a co-parenting arrangement with Davido two years ago. Unfortunately, this attempt was met with resistance from Davido and his legal team, who dismissed her proposition. This rejection has only added to the strain and difficulties she faces in raising Imade.

Despite the challenges, Sophia expressed a desire to move forward amicably. She wishes Davido well in his public relationship with Chioma and hopes to live free from harassment and verbal abuse. Her primary focus remains on ensuring the well-being and stability of Imade as she continues to navigate the complexities of their co-parenting dynamic.

Impact on Sophia's Life and Imade's Well-being

Being a single parent comes with its set of hardships, and Sophia's situation is no different. She bears the brunt of financial and emotional responsibilities for Imade. The ongoing legal and personal battles with Davido compound these challenges. According to her, balancing the pressures of work, motherhood, and the legal tussles is an everyday struggle.

One of the most significant impacts of this ongoing turmoil is on Imade. The young girl, caught in the crossfire of her parents' disputes, is reportedly experiencing emotional turmoil due to her father's absences and the accompanying instability. Special occasions like birthdays and Christmas, which should be times of joy and togetherness, have turned into periods of disappointment for her. Sophia laments this reality, noting that despite her efforts, she can only do so much to fill the void left by Davido's absence.

Moreover, the financial strain of raising a child without consistent support is a heavy burden. Sophia is responsible for not just the daily needs of Imade, but also her healthcare and education. With Davido's lapses in financial contributions, the stability and quality of life for both Sophia and Imade are at stake. This has pressured Sophia into making difficult decisions and sacrifices to ensure her daughter does not lack necessities.

The Legal Battle for Custody

At the heart of these tensions is the legal battle for joint custody of Imade. Davido's recent move to seek joint custody has brought these issues into the public eye. While joint custody arrangements are common, they require cooperation and mutual respect between the parents—an aspect clearly missing in this case.

The custody battle has only worsened the tensions. Sophia's accusations of harassment and Davido's threats to make her life miserable if she rejects his advances present a grim picture of their relationship dynamics. These factors, combined with his absence during critical times in Imade's life, paint a challenging scenario for achieving a cooperative co-parenting arrangement.

From a legal perspective, such allegations can significantly impact the court's decision in a custody case. Harassment and threats are serious accusations that can sway the judgment towards the well-being and safety of the child, a primary concern for any court. Given the severity of Sophia's claims, these factors could play a pivotal role in the ongoing legal processes.


Sophia Momodu's allegations against Davido highlight complex and deeply personal issues that many single parents face, albeit on a highly public platform. The accusations of harassment and financial neglect, coupled with the emotional impact on their daughter, Imade, underscore the difficulties in navigating co-parenting post-breakup. As the legal battle unfolds, the focus remains on the well-being of Imade and finding a resolution that ensures her stability and happiness.

Sophia's story resonates with many who face similar challenges behind closed doors. It reveals the harsh realities of single parenting, especially amidst ongoing conflicts with a co-parent. As she continues to seek a peaceful and harassment-free existence, Sophia's primary goal is ensuring that Imade grows up in a supportive and loving environment, even if that means bearing the burden alone.

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