Nollywood Star Motilola Akinlami Alleges Career Sabotage by Kunle Afod

Nollywood Star Motilola Akinlami Alleges Career Sabotage by Kunle Afod May, 21 2024

Nollywood Star Motilola Akinlami Alleges Career Sabotage by Kunle Afod

Nollywood actress Motilola Akinlami has come forward with serious allegations against her colleague Kunle Afod, claiming that he has been deliberately sabotaging her career. In a heartfelt post on Instagram, Akinlami shared that since 2019, Afod has been telling filmmakers not to hire her for any roles. This, she alleges, is a result of her decision to part ways professionally with him. Despite informing senior colleagues within the industry about the situation, the issue remains unresolved, putting her career at a standstill.

A Four-Year Struggle

Akinlami expressed that for the past four years, Afod has systematically damaged her professional reputation. She provided an example of a recent incident involving filmmaker Yomi Olorunlaye, who initially contacted Akinlami for a role. Subsequently, after Afod was brought on as the director, she was abruptly rejected for the part. Such instances, according to Akinlami, have been far too frequent, severely hindering her opportunities in Nollywood.

She went on to stress how damaging this behavior has been to her career, stating that her decision to cut professional ties with Afod was personal and should not have warranted such retribution. Her social media post garnered significant attention, with many fans and fellow actors expressing their support and urging for a resolution to the matter.

Defamation Allegations

In addition to her professional woes, Akinlami has also accused Afod's wife of defaming her on Instagram. She did not provide specifics but stated that the defamatory posts further complicated her already precarious situation. Akinlami's claims have sparked discussions around the darker side of the Nollywood industry, shining a spotlight on the interpersonal conflicts that can potentially shape or break careers.

Industry's Inaction

What troubles Akinlami most is the apparent inaction from the Nollywood senior colleagues and authorities. She revealed that despite bringing the issue to their notice, nothing has been done to address Afod's alleged unprofessional conduct. This, she says, points to a larger problem within the industry - reluctance or inability to act on such claims, potentially due to the informal nature of many of the industry's dealings or a culture of silence and complicity.

A Call for Transparency and Accountability

The situation has opened up a broader conversation on the need for transparency and accountability within Nollywood. Akinlami, through her social media post, called upon industry leaders to set up formal mechanisms where such grievances can be aired and resolved impartially. Addressing these issues is vital not only for her own career but for the integrity and future of the Nigerian film industry as a whole.

She also urged her fellow actors who might be experiencing similar issues to speak up so that a culture of openness and fairness can be cultivated. “It’s time for Nollywood to adopt professional standards where personal grievances don't translate into career sabotage,” she said passionately in one of her posts.

Response from the Community

The allegations levelled by Akinlami have elicited diverse responses from the Nollywood community and fans alike. While many have voiced their support for the actress, urging the industry to address her concerns, some have remained skeptical, awaiting more concrete evidence before passing judgment. Afod himself had not responded to the allegations at the time of the report, leaving many in suspense about his side of the story.

Supporters of Akinlami argue that even if the accusations are not true, the mere fact that such concerns can be raised should prompt a thorough investigation to ensure fairness and transparency. They believe these conversations are essential for Nollywood to evolve and maintain its reputation on the global stage, where it continues to gain recognition.

The Larger Impact

The Akinlami-Afod controversy is more than a personal feud; it encapsulates broader issues that many professionals face in creative industries worldwide. Nepotism, favoritism, and vendettas can have devastating impacts on careers, particularly in fields like acting where opportunities are already fiercely competitive. By highlighting her struggle, Akinlami has inadvertently shed light on these systemic issues, encouraging dialogue and perhaps, reform.

As with many industries, the entertainment field relies heavily on relationships and networking. However, when these relationships turn toxic, they can become powerful tools of exclusion and sabotage. The Nollywood industry, which has shown considerable growth and international merit in recent years, must now confront these internal challenges to sustain its upward trajectory.

Calls for Change

There are growing calls from within the industry for creating formal structures to manage grievances and ensuring ethical behavior among its members. Professionals are advocating for the establishment of an independent body to address complaints and mediate disputes, thus protecting actors and filmmakers from potential abuses of power. Akinlami's case could serve as a catalyst for these necessary changes if taken seriously by those in positions of influence.

Moreover, beyond just resolving individual disputes, there is a need for a cultural shift towards mutual respect and professionalism. This shift is essential for fostering a healthy working environment where talent can flourish without fear of retribution for personal disagreements.

As the debates continue, the focus remains on what steps Nollywood will take to address this issue and others like it. The response of the industry will not only impact Akinlami and Afod but will also set a precedent for how such matters are handled in the future. The coming months will be crucial in determining whether Nollywood can rise to the occasion and implement the necessary reforms to ensure a fairer and more just working environment for all its members.

In the meantime, Motilola Akinlami continues to use her voice and platform to speak out against what she perceives as injustice, hoping that her plight will lead to positive changes within the industry she loves and has dedicated her career to.

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