England's Euro 2024 Stars Mainoo, Pickford & Shaw Reveal Pre-Match Playlists in Apple Music Collaboration

England's Euro 2024 Stars Mainoo, Pickford & Shaw Reveal Pre-Match Playlists in Apple Music Collaboration Jul, 11 2024

England's Euro 2024 Stars Share Pre-Match Playlists with Apple Music

As the excitement builds ahead of the Euro 2024 semi-finals, England's national football team is giving fans a rare glimpse into another aspect of their lives—their musical preferences. In an exclusive collaboration with Apple Music, three of the team's key players—Kobbie Mainoo, Jordan Pickford, and Luke Shaw—have shared their pre-match playlists.

Kobbie Mainoo: An Eclectic Mix of UK Rap, R&B, and Hip-Hop

Kobbie Mainoo's playlist is a testament to his varied musical taste. Reflecting the vibrant UK music scene, his selections feature an array of genres including UK rap, R&B, and hip-hop. Key artists on his list include Dave, Headie One, and Aitch. Mainoo's picks are not just a reflection of his cultural roots but also provide insight into what energizes and motivates him before taking to the pitch.

Dave, known for his thought-provoking lyrics and unique sound, is a prominent figure in the UK rap scene. Tracks like 'Location' and 'Black' are likely to resonate with listeners who appreciate lyrical depth merged with catchy beats. Headie One brings a different flavor with his drill-inspired tracks, delivering a grittier edge that perhaps mirrors Mainoo's competitive spirit on the field. Aitch rounds off the selection with his blend of energy and humor, creating an atmosphere of both focus and enjoyment for Mainoo.

Jordan Pickford: A Blend of Classic Rock and Contemporary Pop

Goalkeeper Jordan Pickford has opted for a diverse range of tracks that span several decades and genres. His playlist features a mix of classic rock, contemporary pop, and everything in between, including artists like Queen, The Killers, and Harry Styles. This eclectic mix not only highlights Pickford's broad musical taste but also showcases how he uses different genres to prepare mentally for the game.

Queen, with their legendary anthems and timeless appeal, brings a sense of grandeur and confidence—qualities that any goalkeeper would desire. 'We Will Rock You' and 'We Are the Champions' are likely to be mainstays, providing both motivation and a reminder of the glory that can be achieved. The Killers offer a more modern rock experience, with tracks like 'Mr. Brightside' and 'When You Were Young' adding a layer of emotional intensity to his pre-match preparations. Harry Styles, a contemporary pop icon, brings a softer, more melodic approach, offering a balance to the rock-heavy playlist and perhaps helping Pickford to stay calm and composed.

Luke Shaw: Dominated by Hip-Hop and R&B

Defender Luke Shaw's playlist is heavily influenced by hip-hop and R&B, featuring artists like Drake, Travis Scott, and The Weeknd. These choices speak to Shaw's preference for rhythm-driven tracks that provide both motivation and a sense of cool confidence before a match.

Drake, with his blend of introspective lyrics and catchy hooks, is a key figure in Shaw's playlist. Tracks like 'Started From the Bottom' and 'God's Plan' are likely to resonate with Shaw's journey and ambition. Travis Scott's energetic and psychedelic beats bring an element of hype and excitement, perfect for getting into the right mindset for an intense match. The Weeknd's smooth and melodic R&B tracks provide a contrasting yet complementary vibe, helping Shaw to maintain his focus and poise.

Fans Discovering New Music

This collaboration with Apple Music is a unique opportunity for fans to explore the personal musical tastes of their favorite footballers. By sharing these playlists, Mainoo, Pickford, and Shaw not only reveal what pumps them up before a game but also allow fans to discover new artists and tracks that they may not have encountered otherwise.

For Apple Music, this partnership aligns perfectly with their aim to connect people through music. By bringing in high-profile athletes and their personal playlists, they are able to reach a wider audience, enhancing the listening experience for both die-hard football fans and music enthusiasts alike.

The Power of Music in Sports

Music has always played a crucial role in sports, acting as a tool for motivation, concentration, and emotional regulation. For professional athletes, the right playlist can make a significant difference in their mental preparation, helping them to focus, stay energized, and manage the pressure of high-stakes games. Studies have shown that listening to music can improve athletic performance by enhancing mood and reducing perceived effort, making it a valuable component of an athlete's pre-match routine.

This initiative by Apple Music and the England players also highlights the cultural importance of music in connecting people from different backgrounds and experiences. By sharing their playlists, Mainoo, Pickford, and Shaw are not just providing a glimpse into their lives but also fostering a sense of shared experience and community among fans.

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